Political parties and pressure groups in the 2nd reich

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Political parties and Pressure groups
The Conservative camp
2 = Germ conservs party = DKP + Free conservs (RFKP)
Both anti democractic + anti socialist
DKP =Prussian Junkers
RKFP = Non prus Junkers + major industrialists
The m/c camp
National Liberals = wealthy m/c
1900 = anti socialist + expansionist foreign policy
Left Libs = social reform + pwr 4 Reichstag
The Catholic Camp
Centre party = Caths of all social classes
Defnded church issues
Divided ovr oth issues
Wrked with range of parties (SPD 1906 budget crisis) mainly wiv conservs = had a balance of
The working ­ class camp
Growth of w/c = more SPD support = 4.2 mill votes in 1912
Most SPD = revisionists = reform rather than revolution = socialism via democratic means
Political Pressure groups + Press
No rigid censorship = express politcl views freely (SPD newspaper + Satirical Simplicissimus)
The Navy League
Campaigned 4 naval expansion
Popular 1 mill members
The German Colonial and the Pan German League (Right wing)
Campaigned 4 Germ colonial expansion
Dominant role 4 Germ in Europe


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