Political Crisis in the Outremer 1180s

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Political crisis in the Outremer in the 1180s
What were the issues in the Outremer by the 1180s?
Problems with Leadership Divisions between the Frankish Leaders
15 July 1174: BaldwinIV crowned king at age of 13. Spring 1180: Baldwin marries his sister Sibylla to
(leper king) Raymond of Tripoli to act as King Guy of Lusignan, a newcomer to the Levant,
Regent although his brother Aimery was the Royal
1176: Baldwin becomes of age, Raymond's regency Constable.
ends. Renews ties with Byzantium, attack Egypt Marks the real division between ruling families of
Summer 1177: Sibylla pregnant with BaldwinV. Jer:
Baldwin IV ill again. Need new regent. Runciman refers to them as:
September 1177: Saladin attacked at Montgisard by Hawks: aggressive newcomers ­ Guy, Reynald of
army lead by Reynald of Chattilon and BaldwinIV Chattilon, Baldwin IV's mother Agnes, Gerald of
Spring 1180: Baldwin very ill, marries Sibylla to Riderfoot Master of the Templars, Sibylla
Guy Doves: Native Barons who preferred peace with
Autumn 1183: Baldwin's health getting worse. Mus: Raymond of Tripoli and the Ibelins
Forced to appoint Guy regent. Refuses to abdicate Peter Edbury (Historian) suggests characteristics/
October 1183: Guy stripped of regency by enemies aggression+peacemaking unrealistic. Examples of
Summer 1184: BaldwinIV+V (BaldwinIV nephew) both factions doing opposite. Plus Agnes+Joscelin
rule together, BaldwinIV weak,V5 years old already in Holy Land since 1st
Early 1185: BaldwinIV tried to annul marriage of Winter 118283: Reynald attacks Muslim pilgrims
Guy+Sibylla. Raymond takes over as regent. All October 1183: Guy accused of incompetence.
vassals to pay homage to BaldwinV+Raymond. Enemies persuaded BaldwinIV it was a mistake not
May 1185: BaldwinIV dies to engage enemy so strip Guy of his regency
1186: BaldwinV dies Feb/March1185:HenryII orders huge tax, doesn't go
Lack of help from the West Power of military orders

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Political crisis in the Outremer in the 1180s
What were the issues in the Outremer by the 1180s?
BaldwinIV renews ties with Manuel of Byzantium Autumn 1178: Intended that Templars would
(strong navy, recent defeat Sel T),plan to attack garrison fortress at Montgisard at Jacob's Ford, river
Egypt Jordan with 80 knights and 900 other fighting men.
October 1176: Raymond asks William Longsword, August 1179: Defenders captured, Templars
son of Count of Montferrat (north Italy) to marry executed
Sibylla.…read more


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