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Police Powers
Stop and Search

Under the Police and Criminal Evidence Act 1984, the police have the power to stop
and search people and vehicles in a public place, such as the street or a car park. In
order to use this power the police must have reasonable suspicion that…

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suspected that the person is/has/will commit an offence AND the arrest is
necessary. It is necessary in order to:

Enable the name and address to be ascertained
Prevent harm or criminal activity
Protect children
To allow the prompt and efficient investigation of crime and ensure the person
doesn't disappear.


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Fingerprints and non-intimate samples may be taken without consent and with
reasonable force.

Strip searches are only permitted when it is believed that the suspect is concealing
a prohibited article. No one unnecessary or of the opposite sex can be present and
the person cannot be made to remove all…


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