Police Powers - Detention

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Non intimate Intimate
May be taken by an officer Must be taken by a medical practitioner
May be taken without consent & with Must be authorised by high ranking officer
force and suspect must consent
E.g. Fingerprints, hair saliva. Includes semen, urine, dental impressions
R v Samuel R v Grant R v Aspinall
Case wherein he was Case wherein he Case wherein suspect
refused legal advice was refused suffered from
and so conviction confidence if schizophrenia and no
quashed. privileged appropriate adults was
communication w/ present so interview was
solicitor and so inadmissible in court.
conviction of
murder quashed.

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PACE &Code of Practice Cgovern Police Detention.
Detention Times
Summary Offences: For summary offences suspects can only be held for a
maximum of 24 hours
Indictable Offences: For indictable offences detention times can be extended
to 36 hours w/ permission of a senior officer. Beyond that, an application
must be made to the Magistrates for a max of 96 hours .…read more

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Searches…read more


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