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Case What Happened? What Legislation Does It
Apply To and How?
Police didn't give details of their The Power of Stop and
names or their station Search: Code A ­ Under
They searched Osman who then Section 1 to 7 of the PACE A

assaulted a police officer 1984


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Bibby had not forced entry and
explained to the debtor the
reason for being there and als

had a warrant and therefore w

not breaching peace making t
arrest unlawful

Taylor was a 10 year old boy The Power of Arrest: Code G
who attended an antivivisection ­ Under Section…

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Police denied Grant the right to a Detention, treatment and
private consultation with a questioning of suspects:
solicitor Code C ­ Under the PACE A
The Court of Appeal held that 1984
Grant illegal conduct by the police Suspects have the right to a
would not be tolerated…


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