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Key Points:
The peak of a
mountain that sticks
out from and ice
The peaks are
angular due to
Key Points:
Glaciers move at different paces due to melting
and thawing.
This moving makes the sheet weak in places and
sometimes creates a crack in the sheet.
They are generally very deep.
The sides are very steep and, in many cases,
Sometimes a thin layer of snow covers it creating a
trap for travellers.…read more

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Pressure Ridges:
Key Points:
Occur on sea ice.
The ice cap is always moving and cracking.
When ice sheets collide they create pressure
Wind or tide, ocean currents and heat expansion
causes the ice cap to move in the first place
Key Points:
Formed from an ice sheet in the sea, an ice shelf, this breaks up to form icebergs.
This is called calving.
Icebergs float in seawater as they are made of fresh water.…read more


Mr A Gibson

Five polar landforms in precise detail with a photograph to show the feature in real life. Handy!

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