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Compare the way the
poets present powerful
characters in My Last
Duchess and one other
poem.…read more

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Medusa ­ background info
Her curse not only Perseus, the legendary
made her ugly, it Greek hero killed Medusa.
made her a monster His highly polished shield
which humans allowed him to look at
feared ; lonely. Medusa through her
reflection and slay her
Medusa was a once beautiful
Any person who looked woman who was transformed
into her eyes was instantly into a monster by the Greek
turned to stone. goddess Athena…read more

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Reminder of storyline - MLD
He starts to remember her
The reader then realizes
and describe her
This poem is based on As he shows a visitor that the Duke in fact
disgraceful behaviour: he The Duke returns to the
historical events involving through his palace, he stops caused the Duchess's early
claims she flirted with business at hand: arranging
Alfonso, the Duke of in front of a portrait of the demise: when her
everyone and did not for another marriage, with
Ferrara, who lived in late Duchess, apparently a behaviour escalated, "[he]
appreciate his "gift of a another young girl.
the 16th century. young and lovely girl. gave commands; / Then all
nine-hundred-years- old
smiles stopped together"
name…read more

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POEM 1 ­ Duke is jealous and controlling
POEM 2 ­ Jealousy too, also inner insecurity
Paragraph 2 - LANGUAGE
POEM 1- Forceful language , possessive "my"
POEM 2- again possessive "my own" and strong descriptive language to
almost frighten reader "bullet tears"
Paragraph 3­ FORM/STRUCURE
POEM 1- Dramatic monologue, iambic pentameter
POEM 2 ­ Again DM , irregular stanzas, irregular rhyme and half rhyme
Paragraph 4 ­ Why poem was written/message
POEM 1 ­ shows how power i.e social standing can be used in the wrong
way, issue of jealousy, partner being unfaithful?
POEM 2 ­ Again jealousy strong theme, power of a mere look
, partner being unfaithful?
Conclusion ­ overall similarities and differences…read more

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Detail of features in My Last
Duchess…read more

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AO1 Attitude of duke: -No remorse for that happened to
duchess; merely telling a story
-Thinks the world revolves round him
Action/behaviour of -Does not let the other person speak ­
shows controlling nature
duke: - Very proud of himself " 900 year old
name" ­ wants to impress
- "I gave commands" ­ again shows
power, got his wife killed/sent away
Implied feeling of -Somewhat intimidated "Will't please you
sit and look at her? " ­ more or a command
other characters: then a question
Dukes attitude to self -Bitter and jealous nature ­ reason he got
the duchess killed
and others: - Controlling nature - Used his POWERFUL
nature to try to control his wife -
couldn't control her when alive so
controlled the painting of her "since none
puts by the curtain I have drawn or you
but I"…read more

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