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Compare how the writers express their feelings about the place in "Nothing's Changed"
and "Island Man".

A place is where a group of individuals live and where communities and societies are formed. Many
poets such as Tatamkhalu Afrika and Grace Nichols have used the concept of a place to portray…

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what will always be his home. A vignette is created to provide the reader with an insight between the
"Caribbean" and "London". The feelings created throughout the poem are negative towards
"London" as the "Island Man" is forced to wake up "to dull North Circular roar", the adjective
"dull" describes…

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He describes his return to "District Six" with anxiousness and bitterness. Even though, the old sign is
gone "no board says it is", his senses tell him where he is, "my feet know/my hands know". This
shows how his recognition to the place has become physical. His feeling of "District…

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"Caribbean" then what is stopping him from returning there? Similarly, "Nothing's Changed" also
leaves the reader to ponder over whether will racial segregation ever stop?

Therefore, it can be concluded that each poem shows a contrast of feeling throught the poem. Each
feelings symbolizes a sense of imagery towards the…





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