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Place: Price We Pay for the Sun
By Cora Hurley…read more

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About the Author: Grace Nichols
· a Caribbean poet, born in Guyana in 1950
· She immigrated to the UK as an adult.
· In 1983 she won the Commonwealth Poetry
Prize with her first collection
· As inspiration she draws on her heritage and
the contrast between the different cultures
and places she has lived.…read more

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· Each stanza has a distinct idea. The first is
about the islands, the second is about the
poet's personal feelings towards them and the
third brings the poem to a conclusion.…read more

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· The poem has short lines with non-standard
grammar and not much punctuation ­ making
it sound like the speech on the islands.
· There's some rhyme, but it is irregular.
· The first person narrator sounds like she is
talking directly to you.…read more

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Language (notable features):
· Personal Language:
· She makes a lot of references to her family ­ it
shows that the islands are part of her history
and are important to her.…read more

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Stanza One:
Direct ­
challenges your These islands
point of view. Not picture perfect postcards
Sounds a bit
indignant For unravelling tourist
You know Caribbean dialect ­
These islands real non-standard English
Emphasises that the islands More real Suggests the islands
are a real place, where real Than flesh and blood have a deep history ­
people live ­ not just past what you can see
somewhere to go on holiday Past stone today. Maybe even
Past foam older than stone
These islands split Suggests the islands are
bone hard to live on…read more

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