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Place: A Vision
By Cora Hurley…read more

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About the Poet: Simon Armitage
· born in 1963 in West Yorkshire
· His poetry demonstrates a strong concern for social
issues, as well as drawing on his Yorkshire roots.
· Armitage is often noted for his "ear" - holding a
strong sense of rhythm and metre.
· as well as publishing 15 collections of poetry, he has
written for film, television and radio, completed
two novels as well as non-fiction books, and writes
the lyrics for his band The Scaremongers…read more

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· Begins by reminiscing about past future plans
· He dismisses this dream as pointless from the
very first line
· In the final lines we discover the plans and
dreams never came true…read more

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· The poem is narrated in the first person.
· The tidy ten-syllable lines look neat and
controlled on the page ­ possibly echoing the
manufactured drawings and designs in the old
future plans.…read more

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Language (Notable Features):
· Language about the future
· The language is hopeful
· It shows what an ideal future would be like.…read more

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Stanza One: A model town ­
Contrast between future and sounds fragile
past ­ seems to suggest the like people's
future has already been hopes for the
written off. future
The future was a beautiful place, once.
people Remember the full-blown balsa-wood town
believed in on public display at the Civic hall?
the future
town The ring-bound sketches, artists' impressions,
democratic Suggests plans were vague and not very
realistic…read more

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