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Limbo Brathwaite

Limbo dance and voyage of a slave ship
Middle of poem = middle of voyage, right under the stick/limbo pole
Final section ­ poet sees an end to the suffering, comes out of the dark at last
although where he ends up might be worse than the journey…

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Island Man ­ Nichols

Man wakes up thinking of sights and sounds of a Caribbean beach
Idealised image only remembering the good things showing he wishes he was
Slowly comes back to reality of daybreak in London, grey buildings and sound of
Contrasting Descriptions ­ lots of…

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Two Scavengers, Ferlinghetti

Two bin men look down from their truck to see rich, attractive couple in a
Stark contrasts between two pairs of people are described
Describes how far apart pairs are in social terms, even though physically close
(message of the poem)
Stillness ­ describes a…

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Vultures ­ Achebe

Pair of vultures described, eating eyes and other disgusting images
Discusses how odd that love, personified, chooses to ignore evil
Nazi commandant goes home with the smell of murder clinging to him but buys
sweets for his child waiting at home
Poet sees two ways, you could…

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Formal and Unemotional ­ on the surface
Sadness and Anger ­ criticises the thoughtlessness of the war
Regret ­ at what has been lost

Search For My Tongue ­ Bhatt

Explains the problem of being fluent in two languages using image of having "two
tongues in your mouth".
When she's…

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Pain and Uncertainty ­ her lack of knowledge about the country where she was
born makes it hard to understand her identity. Feels uncomfortable in Pakistani
clothes. At end of poem she feels isolated and left out of both cultures.
Metaphorical ­ like the situation in Pakistan to reflect her…


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