PM and Cabinet - role of PM and models about executive power

Just basic notes, on the roles of the PM and cabinet only and the different theories of power within the executive.

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The Executive
Executive- Responsible for implementation of laws and policies made by P.
Covers PM to Police. Political branch-Ministers Official-civil service
PM- `First Lord of the Treasury' `First among equals'
-Must be MP -Must be party leader -Usually has majority control MMP
Key aspects- MD MO P L POMMLD
Merry Making Government `hire and fire'
D usty Directing Government Policies `core executive'informal network
Mangoes Managing Cabinet System cabinet committees
O perate Organising Government
P aranoid Controlling Parliament
L ights National Leadership
Cabinet ­ 20-23 ministers. `kitchen cabinet'
-theory- top body, highest decision making forum. Based on collective ministerial responsibility
K e y
A s p ec t
A ngelic Formal Policy Approval
P ressed Policy Coordination `joins up' govt at senior level
D ictators Dispute Resolution
F old Forum for Debate `sounding board'
Malignant Party Management
C hildren Symbol for Collective Responsibility `collective face'
Hierarchy of ministers
Secretaries of state (ministers) Ministers of state Parliamentary under-secretaries of state
(may serve on cabinet committees) Parliamentary private secretaries (PPS) unpaid `eyes and
Civil Servants ­ to provide ministers policy advice -implement govt policy
­ PAN Permanence Anonymity `nameless' Neutrality
To improve efficiency
­ ministers couldn't make all policy decisions- only `major'
-based largely on advice from civil servants
-CS controlled flow of info
-CS politically biased- according to Labour left wingers were `conservative veto group'
Collective ministerial responsibility ­ convention. Exec + P. Ministers + Cabinet.
-govt collectively responsible to P ­ rests on vote of confidence
-all ministers obliged to support official govt policy all `sing the same song' so implies cabinet

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Individual ministerial responsibility- convention. Ministers + department.
-Ministers are responsible to P for their dept policies and actions. Must inform and explain and
take responsibility for mistakes of CS.
-civil servants are responsible to ministers- loyal and supportive whoever is in office.…read more


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