pluperfect indicative verbs

pluperfect verbs

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Sacerdotes, qui ad aram processerant, victimas
The priests, who had advanced to the altar, sacrificed the
There are two actions in this sentence.
a) advancing to the altar
b) sacrificing the victims
To show this we add `had' to the normal perfect `advanced'.
This is because `a' happened before `b'. This is called the
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
conjugation conjugation conjugation conjugation
I had I had I had I had
carried taught dragged heard
I Portavera Docueram Traxeram Audiveram
you Portaveras Docueras traxeras Audiveras
He/she Portaverat Docuerat Traxerat audiverat
we portavera docueramu traxeramu Audiveram
mus s s us

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You (pl) Portaverati Docueratis Traxeratis audiveratis
they Portaveran Docuerant Traxerant audiverant
t…read more


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