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AS philosophy unit 1

Plato and philosophy of religion

Plato's theory of forms
Two worlds...
For Plato there are two worlds; the eternal world and the material world. The eternal world
possesses the object of knowledge and is more real than the material world which possesses
the object of opinion.…

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Between them and the fire is a kind of track with a parapet in front of it, rather like the stage
of a puppet show.
Artificial objects
People can carry a variety of artificial objects made from wood and stone along the track
making them move and sometimes giving them…

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the sunlight of the outside world. The other prisoners laugh at him and say his journey into
the light was a waste of time because it spoiled his ability to see clearly. They threaten to kill
anyone who attempts to set them free ­ they are afraid of philosophical enlightenment.…

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Ideas are not independent of the mind in which they are preserved


Two worlds
Appearances (this world)
Reality (the forms)
Characteristics of the forms
Archetype for things that physically exist
Form of the good
Highest form
Source of the other forms
Forms could just…


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