Plato and analogy of the cave

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3. Prisoners believe shadows are
1. Underground chamber in which reality because this is all they see.
When one of the object carriers speak 4. A prisoner is released and compelled to turn
four prisoners live. They are chained
they believe its the shadow speaking round, fire blinds him and he left feeling confused.
up and staring at a wall. Behind
He is dragged into the sunlight and is dazzled.
them is a large fire.
2. Between the fire and the prisoners is
a raised walk way. Vessels, statues
and figures of animals are carried and 5. As his eye accustom to light he begins to appreciate
cast shadows onto the wall. the full variety of the world.
THE INTERPRETATION: Plato used the story to
explain the importance of questioning everything.
Plato and the cave
THE STORY 6. He begins to work out that the objects of the upper
world represent forms, the cave was a pale shadow
of the reality and the sun gives us life
need to distinguish between the unreal physical
world and the real world 7. He does not wish to return to the cave but wants to teach other
prisoners about reality. BUT they think he is crazy and carry on
watching shadows


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