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On the 12th May at 14:28:01 a
gigantic earthquake shook the
Sichuan Province, China. The
earthquake measured a massive 8.0
on the Richter scale! It was the
worst earthquake to strike China
in three decades. There were
between 64 and 104 major
aftershocks, ranging in magnitude
from 4.0 to 6.1, within 72 hours of the
main quake. Strong aftershocks
continue to strike even months after
the main quake.…read more

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The epicentre was in the mountains of the
Eastern Margin of Qing-Tibet Plateau at
the northwest margin of the Sichuan Basin.
Did you know?
Did you know that the tremors
were felt in the Thai capital,
The earthquake occurred along the Longmenshan
fault after a northeast striking thrust. The
Longmenshan Fault which sits on the Indo-
Australian Plate and the Eurasian Plate was
ruptured by the quake. The two plates collided Did you know?
and caused this giant earthquake. About 1.5 km of Did you know that the epicentre was
surface faulting was observed near Qingchuan 1500 km away from Beijing, but in
Beijing the earthquake was
- surface cracks and fractures occurred on three strongly felt?
mountains in the area, and street cracks were
observed in the city itself.…read more

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70,000 people killed.
Almost 40,000 people have been injured.
15 million people were evacuated from their homes.
5 million people were left homeless.
Around 5 million buildings collapsed.
Over 21 million buildings were damaged in Sichuan province and in parts
of Chongqing, Gansu, Hubei, Shaanxi and Yunnan.
The total economic loss was estimated at 86 billion US dollars.
Office buildings in Shanghai's financial district, including the Jin Mao Tower
and the Hong Kong New World Tower, were evacuated.
The Chengdu airport was shut down, and the control tower and regional
radar control evacuated.
The central government estimates that over 7,000 schoolrooms collapsed
in the earthquake.
The earthquake caused landslides to take place and some of the landslides
have caused temporary damming of waterways. Landslides and rock falls
damaged or destroyed several mountain roads and railways and buried
buildings in the Beichuan-Wenchuan area, cutting off access to the region
for several days.
At least 2,473 dams sustained some damage and more than 53,000 km of
roads and 47,000 km of tap water pipelines were damaged.…read more

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The Red Cross Society of China (RCSC) has distributed more than 150,000 tents,
more than 125,000 quilts and more than 245,000 pieces of clothing. The
International Federation is currently distributing 100,000 family kits, kitchen
sets, quilts and hygiene parcels. China said it would gratefully accept
international help to cope with the quake. US President George W Bush
expressed condolences to victims' families and The Chinese government has
allocated a total of $772 million for earthquake relief. On May 16 China stated
that $457 million had been received in donated money and goods for rescue
efforts so far. 19 countries and four international organizations have
donated $83 million.…read more

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China could have reduced the damage from earthquakes in many ways:
#1 Strengthen bridges
#2 Prepare an emergency plan to warn everyone about the earthquake
#3 Prepare an emergency plan for helping those who get injured
#4 Set up an earthquake centre so people can phone for advice
#5 Schools should practice what to do in earthquakes (as often as fire drills)
#6 Teach people about what to do in earthquakes
#7 Tell people how to pack emergency kits
#8 Check all buildings are built correctly to ensure they can withstand the tremors
#9 Ensure builders follow rules for safe buildings
China could also:
#1 Set aside large sums of money for earthquake preparation
#2 Set aside some money for earthquake prediction (but not too much as the
predictions aren't always reliable and it isn't any good if you know there is going to be
an earthquake but aren't prepared!)
#3 Use money to teach people how to prepare themselves for earthquakes…read more


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