Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards Hot Spot:

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Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards
Hot Spot:
A stationary hotspot in the mantle away from the plate boundary.
Heat from the hotspot produces a constant source of magma that is lighter than the
surrounding solid rock that rises through the mantle and crust to erupt on the sea floor.
Basaltic shield volcanoes are formed
Caused by a high concentration of radioactive elements causing the spot to develop.
As the spot is stationary as the plate moves over it, a line of volcanoes are created, one
above the hotspot active and the rest forming a chain of extinct volcanoes, which get older
the further from the active island.
Over time the islands will erode and form flattopped sea mounts called guyots
It's evidence the Pacific plate is moving Northwest, and further proof of the plate tectonic
Example: Hawaiian Islands in the centre of the Pacific Ocean.


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