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By Nicola & Chloe.…read more

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Wegener's theory.
· Alfred wegener came across some work
listing the fossils of very similar plants and
animals which had been found on opposite
sides of the Atlantic ocean.…read more

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he investigated this theory further and he
found out that other cases of similar fossils
on opposite sides of the oceans have
been found.…read more

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The excepted explanation to this was that
there had once been bridges linking the
continents…read more

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· However, Alfred Wegener had also
noticed that the coastlines of Africa and
south America seemed to fit together like
pieces of a jigsaw. He thought that maybe
these two continents had been one
continent which had split.…read more

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· After this he started to look for more
evidence and he found that there were
matching layers of rocks in both
continents.…read more

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