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Helena Bonici Geography 04/07/2011
12EA2Plate Tectonics

When continental and oceanic plates collide the thinner and denser oceanic plate is overridden by the
thicker and less dense continental plate. The oceanic plate is subducted.
As the oceanic plate descends it is forced into higher temperature environments. At…

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Helena Bonici Geography 04/07/2011
12EA2Plate Tectonics

two colliding plates. This deformation can extend hundreds of miles into the plate interior.
Effects found at a convergent boundary between continental plates include: intense folding and
faulting, a broad folded mountain range, shallow earthquake activity, shortening and thickening of
the plates within the…

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Helena Bonici Geography 04/07/2011
12EA2Plate Tectonics

Transform Plate Boundaries are locations where two plates slide past one another. The fracture zone
that forms a transform plate boundary is known as a transform fault. Most transform faults are
found in the ocean basin and connect offsets in the…


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