Plate Boundaries: Destructive, Constructive and Conservative

notes explaining what happens at destructive, constructive and conservative plate boundaries

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o Violent eruption and violent earthquakes
o Oceanic crust and continental crust move towards each other
o The denser oceanic crust subducts under the continental curst
o Oceanic crust goes deeper into the mantle and melts in the subduction zone
o Friction is caused
o The molten rock is lighter that what surround it so rises towards the surface, making an
o The continental crust is crumpled by collision of the two plates forming fold mountains
o Volcanoes and earthquakes can occur
o Two plates move away from each other
o Magma rises up to fill the gap forming a mid- ocean ridge
o Shield volcanoes can form at the end of the boundary
o Two plates slide past each other without creating or destroying any land
o As the move past each other, they get stuck and this builds up great pressure
o They finally jolt past each other causing an earthquake


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