Plants as organisms

A page on photosynthesis and the uses of the products of photosynthesis. 

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B6. Biology Double Award ­ Higher Tier
During photosynthesis, light energy is absorbed by CHLOROPHYLL
(found in choloroplasts in most plants and algae)
This energy is used to convert Carbon Dioxide and Water into sugar
Oxygen is a by productand is released into the atmosphere (this is the
oxygen that we breathe in)
The RATE OF PHOTOSYNTHESIScan be affected by:
*Carbon Dioxide
*Light intensity
The rate can be limitedby shortages of the above^
The glucose produced by photosynthesis is often used for:
*Converted into insoluble starch for storage
*Used to produce fats and oils for storage
*To produce cellulose which strengthen the cell walls
*Used to produce proteins
(To produce proteins, plants also use nitrate ions that absorbed from the
Venus Fly Traps live in soils with low-nutrient levels and therefore
are adpted to gain their nutrients from the insects and animals that
they eat.


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