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Plants and Photosynthesis…read more

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A simple equation could tell how it works.
Carbon Dioxide + water Glucose +
Oxygen Chlorop
hyll…read more

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Getting water
Root is part of the plant that absorbs water.
It spreads our to get as much minerals and
absorbs water from large volume of soil.
Root hair cells has large surface areas to
absorb water quickly
The water goes into a xylem vessels to
allow the water to flows up to the leaf.…read more

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Getting co2
Co2 diffuses into leaves through small
holes of stoma, leaf is thin so it won't take
long to allow it to reach the cells that it
needed.…read more

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Getting light
Some leaves have huge surface area to get
as much light as possible.
In palisade cells, there is chloroplast and in
chloroplast, there are chlorophyll.
Chlorophyll I the cell that absorbs the light
to power photosynthesis.…read more

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Aerobic respiration
Plant cells release energy stored in glucose
using aerobic respiration.
Glucose + Oxygen Carbon Dioxide +
This only happens at night, because
photosynthesis need light to work.…read more

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