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Responding to the environment: Plants
Plants respond to stimuli:
Respond to changes (biotic and abiotic conditions) to increases their chances of survival, by
avoiding stress and avoid being eaten.
Stimuli - Biotic:
Predators that can pose as a threat
Some plants produce toxic substances, e.g. White Clover produce toxic substance…

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·The movement is the same once triggered, e.g. closing petals, closing leaves.
An example of this type of response can be seen in the mimosa leaves which close when
touched, giving a sudden movement and giving the plant a wilted appearance

Plants growth regulators/hormones:
Hormones coordinate plant responses to the…

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Plant Growth:
Cell wall around plants cells limits the cell's ability to divide and expand, because of this
growth can only happen in parts of the plant where immature cells that are capable of
Types of meristems:

Meristem Location Function
Apical Tips and apex of roots and Roots and…

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Results in root bending away from light into the soil where its dark

Leaf Abscission:
Abscission: The natural detachment of parts of a plant, typically dead leaves and ripe fruit
Usually triggered by the shortening of day length in autumn
Why is it useful?
Helps plants converse water
Avoid frost…

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Experiments of Apical dominance:
1. Hypothesis: a drop in auxin concentration causes the lateral buds to develop
Test 1: apical bud is removed and a paste containing auxins was applied to the cut end of
the shoot
Findings: Both found lateral buds remained dormant
Conclusion: A high concentration of auxin…

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2. Increase cell division by stimulating the production of the protein that controls
the cell cycle
3. The internodes of dwarf plants have fewer and shorter cells than tall plants
Mendel's peas and the Le allele:
If a low gibberellin conc was applied to dwarf peas, there was a rapid…

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Mass-production of plants
Delay leaf abscission


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