Plant reproduction flow quiz

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START These are often coloured Sepals This is found in the
and scented and may have ovary and develops
a nectary at the base into a seed after
which makes sugary nectar. fertilisation.
It is where visiting insects
land on the plant.
Seed The part of the carpel that Water, The moving of seeds
dispersa pollen grains become temperatur away from the parent
l attached to during e and plant, reducing
pollination. oxygen competition.
Stigma These are the female sex Light The small hole in the
organs which are each integuments of the
made up of a stigma, a ovule. Water enters
style and an ovary. the seed through this,
ending the dormancy
of the seed.
Petals This is the process of pollen Fertilisation The tough, protective
moving from anther to layer around the seed
stigma by insects or the which prevents
wind. damage to the
embryo and microbial
Carpels These protect the flower in Micropyle The 3 factors that
the bud and are a bit like affect germination.
small leaves.
Ovule These are the male sex Stamens END
organs. Each is made up of
two parts; the anther and
the filament.

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Testa A stimulus that makes the Pollination The process of the
stem and leaves of a plant male nucleus joining
grow upwards. with the female
nucleus.…read more


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