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Photosynthesis and Plant
Response…read more

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Photosynthesis is the way in which green plants
make food.
The Equation for Photosynthesis is:
CO2+Water Chlorophyll + Light Glucose + Oxygen
Carbon Dioxide enters through stomata.
Water enters roots from the soul and passes to
leaves in Xylem.
Light is given by sunlight energy.
Chlorophyll is a green pigment made by plants.…read more

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Asexual Plant Reproduction
In Asexual reproduction, the offspring are
identical to the parent.
An example of asexual reproduction in plants
is when strawberry plants form runners. These
runners produce new (and identical) plants.…read more

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Sexual Reproduction in Plants
In sexual reproduction, the offspring have a
combination of features inherited from each
parent ­ i.e. they are identical to each other or
to either parent.
The Flower is the reproductive part of the

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Structure of a Flower
Sepals: Protect the flower when it is a bud.
Petals: Protect reproductive parts and
sometimes attract insects like bees.
Carpel: The female part of the flower, it
produces the female gamete (the egg)
Stamen: The male part of the flower, it
produces the male gamete (in the pollen
grain)…read more

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Structure of the Carpel
Stigma: Landing place for pollen grains.
Style: Connects stigma to ovary.
Ovary: Contains one (or more) ovules.
Egg: The nucleus of the egg is the female sex
or gamete.…read more

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