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A couple of ways for remembering plant hormones and breathing

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When you exercise:
Muscles require more energy
SO rate of respiration increases
SO breathing rate increases
SO Heart rate increases
SO larger gas concentration in lungs
SO rate of gas diffusion increases.
Plant hormones:
A ­ Auxin ­ stimulates cell division and controls growth away from/ towards light ­ remember
the lovely diagrams???
G ­ Gibberellin ­ promotes cell division and helps seeds to sprout ­ like Germination -
A ­ Abscisic Acid ­ inhibits growth ­ because acid is BAD!!!
C ­ Cytokinin ­ Promotes cell division, found in root and leaf tips ­ two soft c's!!!
E ­ Ethylene ­ helps fruit ripen (think Bananas!!!)


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