planning and leading- contingency plan for badminton

planning and leading- contingency plan for badminton - planninag and leading a sports event

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Contingency plan
Umi, Chelsea, Jesse, Becca, Grayce, Hayley
A contingency plan is a plan for specific incidents that could go wrong in an exercise
session, time of crisis or event. In leisure or sports centre's an Emergency action plan is
what staff should follow in time of an emergency. This plan should be looked at by all
staff no matter what their job is. It's a plan of what to do in specific emergencies or
incidents that could happen in that facility. The following plan is a contingency plan for
our badminton event.

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Equipment and Facility 1.0
1.1. Broken racquets
If a majority of racquets are broken then either
o Use spare racquets
o Use less courts or play singles
o Use tennis racquets the only difference is the size and thickness of string
If none of these can be done then postpone the event for the following week and make sure new
equipment is brought or hired, if this happens then give free entry vouchers to the spectators for the
following week.
1.2.…read more

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Wet floor
If there is a wet floor from a leaky ceiling or just wet from cleaning. The area should be blocked for
or made out of bounds and the customers should be aware of it.
1.8. Lighting failure
If there is a power cut then the back up generator should be able to supply the centre with
electricity. However if this fails then the sports should stop, so no accidents can occur.…read more

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Injuries and Emergencies 2.0
There should be a first aid post or a qualified first aider at every event. If there is an injury these
steps should be taken:
o alert reception/ Duty manager
o they should then do the appropriate first aid to the casualty
o if serious the Professional medical help should be called (EMS)
Specific injuries
2.1. Bleeding
Blood from an artery (arterial bleeding) will normally spurt out in time with the heart and will be
bright red.…read more

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Choking occurs when a piece of food or other material is swallowed but goes down the trachea
(windpipe) rather down the oesophagus (gullet). This result in blocking the airway. If the blockage is
only partial then the casualty will be abled to dislodge of this item by coughing.…read more

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Failure of the circulation resulting in and inadequate supply of oxygenated blood to vital organs
Loss of fluid
Ineffective pumping of the heart
Other injuries
2.7.…read more


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