Plan for Wuthering Heights Essay (Settings)

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Wuthering Heights: Settings
Importance of settings- provides the main conflict of social class
Compared to a prison- like Hamlet and Denmark
Wuthering Heights setting also reflects the gothic nature, like
Spellbound- and Emily Bronte's love of the Moors
Wuthering Heights as a prison
"he shut and locked it also"
Dynamic verb- "shut" shows the quick action Heathcliff is taking
"Locked"- adjective and shows that Nelly is realising their situation- they
are locked in
"We tried the kitchen door, but that was fastened outside; we looked at
the window"- use of simple sentences shows that they are so desperate
to escape that they have reverted to childlike manners
"I shall be your father tomorrow"- use of imperative sentence shows
that Heathcliff has now trapped them within WH and has power over
"To me it is a prison/Denmark's a prison"- Repetition of "prison"-
reflects Hamlet's constraints in Denmark, much like Young Cathy is
constrained in TG/WH- believes it is a prison, like WH is for Cathy
"so removed from stir of society"- suggests that WH is isolated from
social norms. Sibliance- slows it down to emphasise the isolation of
Wuthering Heights
"a misanthropist's heaven"- connotations of a very negative person who
hates humans- further suggests the Heights' isolation
"and the corners defended with large, jutting stones"- the use of
adjective "defended" suggests they are protect from the outside-
shows isolation more- also personification.
Spellbound- gothic tone: "The night is darkening around me"- the use of
negative post modifier- dark tone.
Spellbound- isolation ­ "And I"- use of personal pronoun "I"- signifies
that she isolated and on her own

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"a splendid place carpeted with crimson, and crimson covered chairs"
Use of cacaphonic alliteration- puts an emphasis on the richness and
wealth of the Grange- crimson in Victorian v expensive and hard to get
"and a pure white bordered by gold"
Pre modification of pure- suggest that TG is more civilised and moral
then the Heights
"We should have thought ourselves in heaven!"
Reinforces that TG is more religiously moral then the Heights
Grange- Heaven- civilised, moralised
The Heights- Misanthropists heaven- perfect for…read more


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