Plan for tackling PART A of the English Language exam 2012 AQA

How I'm planning to tackle to exam tomorrow in case anyone else feels as clueless as I did 2 hours ago.

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Action Plan.
Write about a page for an 8 mark question.
QUESTION 1- 12 minutes- (Collecting information on a journey etc.)
1. Read through first question and then find 8 important pieces of information the reveal the answer
2. Remember to paragraph
3. State the point, then incorporate the quote and then say what the author is implying (Repeat this for 4-6
paragraphs whilst incorporating all 8 points)
QUESTION 2- 12 minutes (Explain how the headline, (sub-heading) and picture are effective and how they link to the
1. Open with what makes the headline effective e.g. double meanings.
2. Quote and explain how, include a detailed and original interpretation.
3. Comment on the effect this has on the reader
4. Link to the text- How does the headline relate to the text.
5. NEW PARAGRAPH Repeat with new point
6. NEW PARAGRAPH- Open with the effect of the picture
7. How this effects the reader
8. Link to text with quotes which describe the picture.
9. NEW PARAGRAPH Repeat with new point
E.g. the picture is also very powerful, thanks to its size and vibrant colours which would attract the reader. They
would be captivated by the scene flying across the channel with only a few balloons and this links to the `dream'
mentioned in the article, as it is almost like something out of a fantasy. It is not something people would expect to
QUESTION 3- 12 minutes (Looking at feelings expressed/ tension/ excitement created)
ABOUT 4 PARAGRAPHS- Structure paragraphs in a chronological type of order
1. Point
2. Example
3. Analysis of point- How does this show this emotion?
4. Link to the question
QUESTION 4- 24 minutes (Compare the different ways in which language is used for effect in the two texts)
1. Introduction- Compare purposes of texts and tones.
2. NEW PARAGRAPH- Identify technique used in both texts
3. Analyse use of the technique in text 1
4. Explain effect on reader
6. Analyse use of the technique in text 2
7. Explain effect on reader in text 2
8. NEW PARAGRAPH- Identify new technique
10. Conclusion- should sum up ideas while still focusing on the question. IT SHOULD BE SHORT.


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