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The Plains Indians didn't use scientific ideas to explain
the weather or the seasons. They noticed these changes
and thought of them as part of the Spirit world. The
plains Indians also thought that dreams were very
significant; they believed that their dreams gave them
knowledge and power over…

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sacred place and fasting. It was believed that the man
would receive a vision or a dream which would guide them
in troubled times or tell their futures. Once a young man
has had their vision or dream they would then return to
their camp. After they had returned they…

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Family life

Children were taught through stories and legends by
their elders or grandparents. The grandparents took
care of the children while their parents were busy with
everyday tasks. They were also taught how they could
become helpful members of the tribe. Little girls played
with toy tipis and deerskin…

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The men of the tribe didn't have as many duties but
some of the men's jobs were:
That they fought in battles
And they made tools shields and weapons.

For five months of the year (November until March) the
plains Indians lived in one place this was called…


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