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Plain English…read more

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What is Plain English?
Plain English is English that is straightforward and
easy to understand.
Campaigners for Plain English have pushed for
greater clarity of expression in government
publications and in legal and commercial texts.…read more

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The legal system is an example of an institution
where some attempt has been made to make the
language used more accessible to non-
The language of law is very distinctive and its
lexical and syntactical patterns owe much to
traditional forms of old English.…read more

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Arguments FOR Plain English
The language can be simplified so that it is more
comprehensible to ordinary people, non-
It would be more practical for lawyers.…read more

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Arguments AGAINST Plain English
Some lawyers fear that is changes were made
then new simplified language structures could
create legal loopholes.…read more

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Legal Terminology ­ The Old and The New
Old New
writ claim form
affidavit statement of truth
pleading statement of case
in camera in private
subpoena witness summons
plaintiff claimaint
minor infant
inter partes with notice
ex parte without notice…read more

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