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Piliavin, Rodin, Piliavin (1969)


To investigate a situational explanation of a bystander behaviour; how features of an emergency
situation (race, state, number of bystanders and presence of model) influence helping behaviour.

Information on the experiment

This was a field-experiment.
The design was independent measures.
The sample was opportunity sampling.…

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Independent Variables

o Black victim
o White victim
o Drunk victim
o Ill victim
o Early model (critical/adjacent area)
o Late model (critical/adjacent area)
o Number of bystanders (varied between each journey)

Dependent Variable

The time taken for the first passenger to help.
The total number of passengers who helped.…

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Data Gathered

Data gathered was a mixture of quantitative and qualitative data.
The quantitve data included the number and type of passengers who helped as well as the time
taken to offer assistance.
The qualitative data came from the spontaneous comments made by the passengers.


o Piliavin et al…

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Trials White Black Victims
Cane Drunk Cane Drunk
No model 100% 100% 100% 73%
Number of trials run 54 11 8 11
Model trials 100% 77 - 67%
Number of trials run 3 13 0 3
Total number of trials 57 24 8 14

Of the first helpers…


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