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Piggy's role in Lord of the Flies

Lord of the Flies

Piggy is clearly a clever boy, but he is a victim too. How does the
writer use him in the novel?

Jack's aggressive bullying of him from the start shows the reader at
the beginning how really unpleasant Jack…

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Piggy's role in Lord of the Flies

Golding's larger message about humanity: people are too shallow
to see past unattractive exteriors people cannot distinguish the
trivial from the valuable people are often incapable of recognising
what is valuable if it is offered to them in an unfamiliar guise people

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Piggy's role in Lord of the Flies

o Roger is the torturer the executioner the "heavy" the dark
threat the ultimate nightmare whom everyone is frightened of.
He is the iron fist in the iron glove. He is the army. He
latches on to a tyrant leader like Jack: the…

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Piggy's role in Lord of the Flies

achieving truly heroic status. Like Jesus and St Paul, we see the
most devoted disciple failing the hero at the moment of crisis.

Piggy's death strongly contrasts with Simon's (it is described
matteroffactly and in gruesome detail it is ugly and brutal and…


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