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Pickel (1998)
Is threat or unusualness the cause
of weapon focus?…read more

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· To test if weapon focus is due to its
unusualness or threat it possesses.
· Weapon focus refers to the inability to recall other aspect of an event, due to the focus on a
weapon.…read more

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· 1,230 participants watched a 2minuete clip of an event in
hair salon- lady at the counter, man comes in, goes up to the desk, the receptionist hands
over some money, man walks out, gets into a passenger seat of a car-.
· There were 5 different groups, and the video slightly
different in each group, according what the man who
came into a hair salon had in his hand.
· The 5 objects were: Scissors, A Hand Gun, A Wallet, A
Raw Chicken, and Nothing (the control).…read more

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· Independent researchers recorded the features about the
event. Recall about the man differed between each clip.
Recall results:
Scissors Handgun Wallet Raw Nothing
8.14 7.83 8.83 7.21 9.02
· The Hand Gun and the Chicken resulted in the poorest
recall, suggesting that high threat and high unusualness
caused poor recall. However the scissors are of high
threat, but low unusualness still showed decent recall.…read more

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· The experiment was carried out again in a
setting of a electrical repair shop. The procedure
was the same (but with different objects and only
256 participants).
· The objects were: A Large screwdriver (in
stabbing motion) A Butchers Knife, A Pair of
Sunglasses, a Pillsbury Figure, Empty.…read more

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· Results showed this:
Knife Screwdriver Sunglasses Pillsbury Empty
6.71 7.00 7.82 6.55 8.36
· The finding are similar to the first experiment.
Pillsbury dough boy figure and butchers knife
cause poorest recall. Showing that unusualness
causes poorer recall.…read more

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