Piaget's theory of cognitive development

A nice couple of sheets I made on Piaget's theory, which i try to compartmentalise because it's difficult to understand for me. It has a table explaining the different stages, and all the research, and lots of evaluative points.

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Cognitive Development ­ Piaget's theory

Piaget was a constructivist, who believed that children build up knowledge of the world around them
through discovery learning. Central to his theory is the concept of schemata:

Schema ­ A unit of knowledge (i.e. what something is, how to do something, etc)
Assimilation ­…

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-Conservation develops (the -Conservation 3 beaker experiment ­
ability to know that a change in Piaget took 2 identical beakers filled
appearance doesn't mean a with the same volume of water, then
change in state) poured one of the beakers into a taller,
thinner beaker. Asked pre-op children
which had…

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