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Physiological psychology focuses on the relationship between our biological makeup and
our behaviour and experiences.
This area of psychology can be very convincing. For example we do know that the
structure of our nervous system (including our brains) and the action of chemicals can
have an effect on…

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other, words they were naturally better at navigation, and therefore became

Dement W & Kleitman


The authors conclude that this research provides support for the idea that dreams can
be studied in an objective way. This then open up other areas of research e.g.
investigating the effects of…

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Sperry argued that his studies give considerable support to his argument of
lateralisation of function. That is, that different areas of the brain specialise on
different tasks, such as the left hand side is responsible for language.

He also went on to argue that each hemisphere has its own…

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to speech we analyse both the words and the pattern of intonation) thus, rather than
`doing their own thing' the two hemispheres work very much together.

There is also some evidence of gender differences whereby women show less
lateralisation than men. So, the left-right specialism could be more prevalent in…


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