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Physiological studies

Aim to investigate the role of the hippocampus in spatial memory and navigation.
Participants 16 right handed, male London taxi drivers. They were aged between 32-62years and
were compared to right handed, male non-taxi drivers. All of the participants had been licensed London
taxi drivers for more…

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Physiological studies

Dement and Kleitman
Aim to investigate the relationship between eye movement and dreaming.
Three hypotheses:
1. There will be a significant association between REM sleep and dreaming.
2. There will be significant positive correlation between the estimate of the duration of dreams
and the length of eye movement.…

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Physiological studies

H1: results show that REM sleep is associated with dream and NREM sleep is associated with no
dreaming as 80% REM participants were able to recall dreams. 7% of the NREM participants were able
to recall their dream.
H2: most participants were accurate on estimation of their dream…

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Physiological studies

1st TASK: participants could verbally say what they saw in their RVF/LH and they could draw what they
saw in their LVF/RH.
2nd TASK: Participants would reach out for the object they see the words for in the LVF with their left
hand and vice-versa.
3rd TASK: Participants…


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