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Physics Unit 3
The turning effect of a force is known as the moment of a force
Moment = force x perpendicular distance from pivot
We can increase the moment by:
o increasing the applied force
o increasing the distance from the pivot
For an object to be balanced…

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At the same point over the earth at all times

2) Polar Orbit

Over the poles
The lower it is, the better the resolution

Images in flat mirrors are always virtual and upright
Angle of incidence = angle of reflection

Convex mirrors

Always virtual

Concave mirrors


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Diverging - always virtual

Can be refracted like light
Have longitudinal waves and therefore, cannot travel through a vacuum
Frequency = pitch (Hz = number of waves/ time taken)
Amplitude = Loudness (measured in m)
Humans can hear up to 20KHz, or 20,000Hz

Anything above 20KHz (20,000 Hz)…

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Uses an iron core as it easily gains and loses charge
Voltage of primary/Voltage of secondary = N.o coils primary/ N.o coils secondary

Step up

More coils on the second circuit
Increases the voltage

<-- step up <--- step down

Step down

More coild on the first circuit


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