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What are the cars and lorries acceleration?…read more

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A car is moving along at a constant speed of 20m/s. the car produces a driving force of 5000N.
a) What is the value of the resistive force?
The car increases the driving force to 7000N
b) What is the resultant force (assuming the resistive force does not change) now acting?
c) Calculate the acceleration of the car, if the mass of the car is 800kg
3) A car of mass 1000kg is moving along a road. The resistive force is 1000N.…read more

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The heater of a toilet hand drier uses 9amps from the 240 volt mains. What is the resistance of
the heater's element?
9) A current of 3.33mA flows through a 2.7 k resistor. Calculate the potential difference across
the resistor.
10) Calculate the reading on the meter in each circuit.
a) b)
11) Calculate the resistance of the filament of a torch bulb which is rated at 2.5v 0.…read more

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A typical lightning strike delivers a charge of 20 coulombs in 1 millisecond. Calculate the average
current during the strike.
21) A rechargeable cell is designed to be charged at 120mA for 16 hours. Calculate the total charge
delivered to the cell in that time.
22) In 50 seconds, 100 coulombs of charge pass through a lamp in an electrical circuit. A brighter
lamp, in parallel with the first, draws a current from the supply which is one and half times larger.…read more


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