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Radiation and Life
W Richards
The Weald School…read more

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White light is a mixture of colours:
RED LIGHT is made
of "low energy
of "high energy photons"…read more

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Intensity of light and heat
The light here is
very intense!
The light
here isn't so
bad... Why?
When a body absorbs radiation
the amount of heat it gains
depends on the intensity and the
time of the exposure.…read more

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Some types of radiation are dangerous because they "ionises"
atoms ­ in other words, it turns them into ions by "knocking
off" electrons:
Ionisation causes cells in living tissue to mutate, usually
causing cancer. High doses can destroy cells completely,
causing radiation sickness.…read more

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Microwaves…read more

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Protection against harmful radiation
A lead screen Containment structures around a
protecting from x-rays nuclear reactor
Sun cream to protect against
ultra-violet radiation.…read more

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