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The Earth in the Universe
W Richards
The Weald School…read more

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Evidence for the age of the Earth
Scientists once thought that the Earth was only 6000 years
old. Rocks have provided lots of evidence for the world being
1) Erosion
2) Craters
3) Mountains
4) Fossils
5) Folding
6) Radioactive dating…read more

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The Structure of the Earth
A thin crust - 10-
100km thick and
not very dense
A mantle ­ extends
almost halfway to the
centre, hot and dense
A core ­ made of molten
nickel and iron. Outer
part is liquid and inner
part is solid. Gets hot
due to radioactive decay.
The Earth is believed to be 4500 million years old…read more

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Continental Drift
Look at the coastlines of South
America and Africa. I wonder of they
used to fit together...
I'm going to call this my
Theory of Continental Drift…read more

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Tectonic theory
What's my evidence for this? Three things:
1) The "jigsaw fit"
2) Each continent has similar rocks and fossils
3) Each continent has similar animal species…read more

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Another Example of Continental Drift
The formation of mountain ranges can be explained by tectonic
theory. Consider the Himalayas at the top of India:
This is where
India is now
This is where
India was millions
of years ago…read more

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