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Physics Revision…read more

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· Moment is the turning effect of a
· To increase moment you either:
· Increase the perpendicular distance between
line of action and the pivot.
· Increase the force
· At equilibrium the clockwise moment
equals the anti-clockwise moment.…read more

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Centre of Mass
· The centre of mass of an object is the
point where its mass may be thought
to be concentrated.
· When a suspended object is in
equilibrium, its centre of mass is
directly below the point of suspension.
· The centre of mass of a symmetrical
object is along the axis of symmetry.…read more

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· The stability of an object is increased
by making its base as wide as
possible and its centre of mass as low
as possible.
· An object will tend to topple over if the
line of action of it's weight is outside
its base.…read more

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Circular Motion
· For an object moving in a circle at a
constant speed the object accelerates
continuously towards the centre of the
· When an object is let go it will travel in a line
perpendicular to the radius of the circle at
that point.
· You can increase centripetal force by:
· Increasing the mass of the object
· Increasing the speed of the object
· Decreasing the radius…read more

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Gravitational Attraction
· The force of gravity between two
· Is an attractive force,
· Is bigger the greater the mass of each
object is,
· Is smaller the greater the distance
between the two objects is.…read more

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