Physics Revision (Additional)

This is a powerpoint I made to revise for physics. By no means does it cover everything you need to know for additional but only the stuff i find difficult to remember, including all the equations.

The number in the bottom right hand corner is reference to the unit on the specification that the slide relates to...

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Physics Revision
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Change in Velocity (m/s)
Acceleration =
M/S2 Time taken for change (s)
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Terminal Velocity
· Falling through a Increases Up thrust
1. Object is accelerating with (constant)
downwards increasing
Weight > Up thrust + Drag
2. As the object accelerates, Weight (constant)
drag increases with
increasing velocity. When
Weight = Up thrust + Drag
there is 0 overall force and )
therefore no acceleration. (1
This is called TERMINAL )
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Weight = Mas x Gravitational Field Strength
(N) s (N/kg)
10 N/Kg on earth
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Resultant Force
· If the resultant force on a moving object is
not zero, the body will accelerate in the
direction of the resultant force.
Resultant Force = Mass x Acceleration
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Stopping Distance
· The greater the speed of the vehicle, the greater the
braking force needed to stop it.
· A drivers reaction time can be affected by:
­ Tiredness
­ Drugs
­ Alcohol
· A vehicle's braking distance can be affected by:
­ Adverse Road Conditions
­ Bad weather conditions
­ Poor condition of vehicle.
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