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Physics revision notes

Physics Revision notes
The force applied on something has an effect on the turning effect.
The long handled spanners are better than short handled ones because they have a
larger moment.
Increasing the size of the force or using a longer length both increase the moment.

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Physics revision notes

We say that the resultant force is a centripetal force because it always acts towards
the centre of the circle.
The centripetal force on a vehicle moving round a roundabout isis due to the friction
between the tyres and the road
The centripetal force on an aircraft…

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Physics revision notes

If you look in a mirror and you are seeing a tall thin image of yourself then you are
looking in a convex mirror which is one that bends out
If you are looking and you see a short broad image of yourself then it's a concave…

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Physics revision notes

For an object between the focal point and the mirror, the reflected rays form and
upright VIRTUAL image. The image is magnified behind the mirror.
The convex mirror is used for rear view mirrors in cars. They have a wider field of view
than with a plane…

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Physics revision notes

With the object nearer to the lens than the principal focus, a MAGNIFIED VIRTUAL
image is formed. But you can only see the image when you look into the lens from
the other side to the object. The lens acts as a magnifying glass in this situation.…

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Physics revision notes

Increasing the loudness of a sound makes the waves taller which means that you
have increased the amplitude.
Increasing the frequency of a sound is the number of waves per second which
increases the pitch.
An instrument resonates at frequencies when it vibrates matter.
A wind instrument…

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Physics revision notes

The direction of the force is always at right angles to the wire and the field line also if
the direction of the force is reversed then so is the current's direction and the
magnetic field.
And electric motor is designed to use the motor effect. Changing…

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Physics revision notes

A transformer has two coils of insulated wire both around the same iron core. When
a AC current passes through one current, an AC current is produced in the secondary
AC current passing through the primary coil produces and AC magnetic field.
The lines of the…

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Physics revision notes

Stars form out of clouds of dust and gas.
The particles in the clouds gather together under their own gravity, the clouds merge
and become a protostar which is a star to be.
As the protostar becomes denser, it gets hotter and if it becomes hot enough…


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