Physics P3 Questions

A selection of P3 questions that help test your knowledge on the subject. Hope you find this useful!

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Physics P3 Questions
1. What is absolute zero?
2. How do you convert to Kelvin's?
3. How do you convert to Celsius?
4. What happens to particles if you raise the temperature?
5. What happens to particles if you lower the temperature?
6. What is the relationship between temperature and kinetic energy?
7. What alternative thermometer can you use?
8. What happens with a higher temperature:
9. What happens with higher altitude:
10. What is the equation for constant number?
11. What do you need to do in order to boil water?
12. What about boiling water on top of a mountain?
13. What about in space?
14. What are weather balloons used for?
15. Describe the process of them (5).
16. What is Boyles's law?
17. What is Charles' Law?
18. What is thermionic emission?
19. What is a neutral atom?
20. What happens to the neutral atom when the temperature is raised?
21. What happens when thermionic emission takes place near an anode?
22. What are the factors that affect deflection?
Component Use
Control grid
Pair of anodes

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Physics P3 Questions
Vertical and horizontal deflecting plates
23. What is an oscilloscope?
24. How do oscilloscopes work? (4).
25. What is the equation for kinetic energy?
26. Describe 5 things about the TV?
27. Explain how a television works (4).
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