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Physics Notes.
P2 ­ 1 Motion.

Speed (m/s)= Distance (m) ÷ Time (s)
The slope on a distance-time graph represents speed.
The steeper the slope, the greater the speed.
Velocity is speed in a given direction.
The acceleration of any object is the rate at which its velocity changes. It's…

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o When the driver is tired, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol and can't
react as quickly as normal.
o The vehicle is in a poor condition e.g. it has under-inflated tyres.
If an unbalanced force acts on an object:-
o The bigger the force the greater the…

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Metals conduct electricity because they contain delocalised electrons in there
A charged conductor can be discharged. This is done by connecting the conductor to
the Earth, to lose the charge.
o If a conductor touches a negatively charged dome, electrons flow from the
dome to earth, via the conductor,…

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P2 ­ 6 Mains Electricity

An alternating current changes the direction of flow black and forth continuously.
Frequency ­ The number of cycles passing through each second.
Live Wire ­ It alternates between a positive and negative voltage.
Neutral Wire ­ It stays at a voltage close to zero.


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