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Chapter 1: Kinematics ­ describing motion

What is speed and how can you determine it?

Average speed is distance moved divided by time taken or v(ms^-1) = x (m) / t(s)
If the speed is constantly changing during the time the equation will work out average speed
Instantaneous speed is…

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Velocity is the speed of an object in a particular direction or the rate of change of displacement
Velocity has a magnitude and a direction therefore a vector quantity
The word equation for velocity is:
Velocity (m/s) = change in displacement (m) / time taken (s)
Speed is how fast…

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Velocity is defined by the following word equation:
velocity (m/s) = change in displacement (m) / time taken (s)
The gradient of a displacement against time graph is equal to velocity:
v = delta s / delta t
A scalar quantity has only magnitude. A vector quantity has both magnitude…


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