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Chapter 3: Dynamics ­ explaining motion

Force and acceleration

To calculate the acceleration produced by a net force we must also know the objects mass
The word equation for calculated the net force is:
Force (N) = mass (kg) x acceleration (m/s^2)
This equation is a simplified version of Newtons…

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Determining the gravitational field strength

Electronic timer (method 1)
A steel ball is held by an electromagnet
When the current is switched off, the ball begins to fall and the timer starts
When the ball falls through the trap door the timer stops
Substituting the values we have found into…

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When they jump out of the plane the accelerate freely as the only force acting is the weight of the
At the start the acceleration of the skydiver is therefore g
Air resistance begins to increase, decreasing the acceleration due to free fall
Eventually they reach a maximum velocity,…


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