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Physics Controlled Assessment


Potential dividers are an important part of our modern lives; we encounter them from day to day, in
radios, toys and even in dimmer lights. In a circuit a potential divider divides the voltage equally
between two resistors, which are connected in series. The two resistors…

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is very easy to use and the resistance across it can be simply controlled by immersing the thermistor
into water, the temperature of which has been set and measured using a thermometer.

I have decided not to use the LDR in my experiment because I believe that it will be…

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5.6-k constant resistor ­ I have chosen to use a resistor, which has quite a large resistance because
it will take a greater share of the input voltage. This means that the change in voltage across the
thermistor will be greater and more significant as the temperature changes. This will…

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process, noting down the temperature and the voltage across the thermistor every 5 and stirring
the water the whole time. By doing this I will be able to collect accurate results as the temperature of
the water would decrease slowly and in a controlled manner meaning that the components within…


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