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Heat Radiation
Kinetic Energy and Conduction
Condensation and Evaporation
Rate of Heat Transfer
Energy Efficiency in the Home
Specific Heat Capacity
Energy Transfer
Efficiency of Machines
Energy Transformation Diagrams
The Cost of Electricity
Choosing Electrical Appliances

Energy Sources & Power Stations
Renewable Energy Sources
Energy Sources and the Environment…

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Car Design and Safety

Static Electricity
Current and Potential Difference
Circuits- The Basics
Resistance and V=IxR
Circuit Devices
Series Circuits
Parallel Circuits
Series and Parallel Circuits ­ Examples
Mains Electricity
Electricity in the Home
Fuses and Earthling
Energy and Power in Circuits
Power and Energy Change
Atomic Structure
Atoms and…

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Circular Motion
Magnetic Fields
The Motor Effect
The Simple Electric Motor
Electromagnetic Induction


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